About us

We are a small business in the heart of the Free State, Bloemfontein. The best thing about being a small business is having big dreams and building our Fusion Skye Brand that we love and treasure.

The biggest reason why we love and treasure our Fusion Skye Brand is because of the sheer joy and happiness on our customers faces when they become part of the Fusion Skye family.

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Silicone rings

There’s a Fusion Skye Silicone Ring to match your unique style or make for a great gift for someone special

Plain Silicone Rings

R150 for any 2 any 2 sizes

R190 for any 3 any 3 sizes


Stackable Silicone Rings

R130 for any 2 any 2 sizes

R160 for any 3 any 3 sizes


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