The Fusion Skye Story

The word Fusion means the process or result of joining two or more things together to form a single entity.

Firstly your Fusion Skye Silicone Ring and your finger joining to create a single entity to show off your unique individuality and style wherever life takes you.

Secondly to show your commitment and dedication to the one you love by forming a single entity when wearing your Fusion Skye Silicone Rings whilst being active and adventurous.

The Si in the middle of the word Fusion in the logo is different for the simple reason that it is the symbol of Silicone on the periodic table of elements.

The name Skye is of Scottish and English origin meaning adventurous. Another meaning of Skye is protection and scholar.

Creating your own unique individuality and style whilst living a healthy active life style and meaning of the name Skye, adventurous, gives the Fusion Skye Brand its unique slogan, Active & Adventurous.

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