Why choose Fusion Skye Silicone Rings

Silicone rings aren’t just for athletes anymore! Sure, athletes love them, but with this huge variety available in different shapes, sizes and colors, more and more people are starting to get into the trend because of the comfort during exercise and fashion statement when on the move.

The Fusion Skye Silicone Ring is an easy answer to a safe alternative to Metal Bands.

No, this does not mean it will replace your wedding band forever, Fusion Skye Silicone Rings are tough enough for everyday wear, but also comfortable and stylish for the person with a active & adventurous lifestyle that still wants to show their dedication and commitment to their loved one without damaging their precious wedding band.

Fusion Skye Silicone Rings also makes for a excellent gift for someone special.

If you are asking yourself if Fusion Skye Silicone Rings will fit into your lifestyle? The answer is a most definitely YES!

So, who exactly wears Fusion Skye Silicone Rings? Here’s a look at our Fans and why they love their Fusion Skye Silicone Rings.

The fitness fanatic

I love to go to gym and most often removed my wedding band because I was afraid that it might get scratched and damaged during training, with my Fusion Skye Silicone Ring I never have to worry about that. I can also wear a different style and color to suit my outfit and mood

The Runner

Running is one of the most popular exercise’s in the modern world today. People are spending more and more money on the outfit and shoes for comfort and style. Why stop there? You also need the ultimate accessory to go with your outfit, your Fusion Skye Silicone Ring.

Unfortunately the crime in South Africa drastically increased in the last couple of years. Not making it save to go running with your precious wedding band, but with your Fusion Skye Silicone Ring that is not the case and is perfect for this activity and you can also mix & match to go along with the outfit and even your smart watch.

The adventure seeker

Your Fusion Skye Silicone Ring is great when going away for an adventure, on holiday, traveling destination, hiking or any outdoor activity. Don’t worry about loosing your precious ring when on holiday or traveling. Your Fusion Skye Silicone Ring is easy to replace and comfortable for any adventure.

Fusion Skye Silicone Rings are excellent for the following outdoor activities: Hunting, horseback riding, mountain biking, off-road biking, surfing, swimming, camping, fishing and loads more

The active

Yes, I a talking about you! The everyday person working hard to provide for the family, Mom and Dad. The mechanic, nurse, carpenter, IT specialist, teacher, coach and business owner.
Your wedding band may be one of your most prized possession’s. The one thing in your life you never want to loose or damage but still wants to show your commitment to the one you love.

Yes your Fusion Skye Silicone Ring is the answer and also a great gift for that someone special to show your dedication and commitment.

The fashionista

Also one of our biggest fans, the fashionistas. Keeping up with all the trends these days is work on its own. No worry when it comes to Fusion Skye Silicone Rings. With our huge range of colors, sizes and styles you will never be left not knowing what will suit the outfit, there is a great comfortable and stylish Fusion Skye Silicone Ring for everyone.

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